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A queen who was the symbol of elegance and sophistication: Queen Elizabeth. The queen was loved by many, including some of the biggest names in the luxury clothing industry. Her Majesty is not only remembered for her duty and dedication to the nation but also for her remarkable sense of style, which portrayed the grace of the British monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth claimed the throne at the age of 24. Since then, her outfits and jewellery have not just portrayed grace but also become a strong symbol of her diplomatic relationships. The Queen was a style inspiration from the very day she claimed the throne. It all started with the gown that was and still is an example of true craftsmanship, famously known as the ‘Silver and Gold’ by Normal Hartell: the queen’s coronation gown, the gown that not only signified England but all the other 9 dominions that the queen was going to rule.

Queen Elizabeth's fashion journey evolved throughout her 70 years of reign, but the only thing that remained constant was that her style and aura were flawless. The coronation dress

showed her respect and belongingness to all of the dominions, spiralling down to the breath-taking blue sash dinner gowns. Spiralling down to the most peaceful and soothing pastel suits with perfectly coordinated millinery. Spiralling down, she was the calmness and beauty of country life, with the tartan skirts and wellies, her corgis and horses by her side, giving tweed jackets and silk scarves a whole new identity.

Her Majesty looked vibrant on all occasions and being monotonous was out of the question. Hues were picked from all areas of the colour palette, from chalky pastels to bold paint box brights, to shimmering metallics, to retina-searing verging-on-neons. Her dressing was the epitome of being appropriate. And as a queen, being able to stand out in the crowd was engraved in her: wearing candyfloss pink in the garden party at Buckingham Place in 2019; Lemon Yellow for

William and Kate’s wedding at Westminster Abbey in 2011; letterbox red at Windsor Castle in 2020 to give thanks to volunteers and key workers for their help during the pandemic; and fluorescent green for Trooping The Colour in 2016, still completely blending into the Buckingham Place balcony. There wasn’t a hue that her majesty didn’t try, but the colour was always chosen in accordance with the occasion as a mark of respect and feeling towards the occasion.

The queen’s style was admired by the top designers. Miuccia Prada, back in 2000, said that “She is one of the most elegant women in the world,” during a royal visit to Rome. “She is never ridiculous; she is flawless,” echoed Karl Lagerfeld in 2014, commenting on her

steadfast style. On the 8th of September, the day that marked her death, many designers, including Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Riccardo Tisci, Alexander McQueen, and many others, took over Instagram to express their love for the queen and support the royal family in this hard time.

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