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Our Exec team curated our top picks from the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion shows from around the globe.

The Coperni show brought the creation of dress from an atelier to the runway itself! The art and elegance behind this dress had everyone's jaw dropped at the Paris Fashion Week.

Kim Jones and Marc Jacobs collaborating for the 25th anniversary of the legendary baguette from Fendi.

Moschino unveiled a playful ‘inflation-chic’ collection which incorporated various pool toys. Jeremy Scott who designed the collection said that it was in reference to the current economic situation and is a message that we must remain uplifted which I thought was super clever!

Love how stunning and timeless Ralph Lauren’s first West Coast show of “California Dreaming” is.

I found Jonathan Anderson's latest collection for Loewe very interesting with his take on adding the "natural fake" to his designs.

From the Spring-Summer 2023 Balmain show during the Paris Fashion Week, this dress is the symbol of the new collaboration between Evian and Balmain. This incredibly sculptural dress was made from recycled water bottles which shows the incorporation of sustainability in high fashion.

I fell in love with the sandy runway, shoes off, concept from the Courrèges fashion show. Nicolas Di Felice did a play on the post-beach rave scene which I find very unique and interesting.

I have a love hate relationship with the Balenciaga fashion show. The intense music, army-feel is a bit creepy but still eye-catching and intriguing.

Gucci came out with the most original idea of featuring twin models for their fashion show. I wonder how they found so many...

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