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Dear reader,

As the year is coming to an end, We are pleased to release a new version of Relux. This year we have tried revamping RELUX and being the first issue of this year, it is extra special for us!

Relux has been designed to bring the luxury industry and its insights to you by covering topics from finances to trends. This issue of Relux connects reality with industry, we have a take on the current market scenario and want to keep our readers updated on daily affairs in the industry. We have also tried exploring topics of concern including sustainability and diversity.

As the editors of this issue, we must thank the team of RELUSO for their contribution to this edition with their ideas and articles and for making the publication possible. We would also like to thank Martha Copsey for curating the newsletter and keeping our readers updated. This edition also includes our top picks from the September fashion month, so our readers can catch up with the trends!

We hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as we enjoyed curating them. We, Chhavi Daga and Valentina O’Connor the editors of RELUX would like to thank our readers and promise them the next edition would be equally exciting.

Chhavi Daga Valentina O'Connor Martha Copsey

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